Union_flag_1606_Kings_Colors.svg_In June of 1755, a scouting company consisting of local settlers from the Saint George, Maine area is raised. Throughout the summer months of 1755 the company patrols surrounding towns and communities in hopes of securing and protecting the English settlements from attacks by the area Native Peoples and their French allies. Lieutenant Thomas Fletcher, assigned to the garrison forces stationed at Fort St. George, is placed in command. During those months Fletcher, his men and the area’s English settlements will face dangers both seen and unseen. Theirs is an interesting story unique to the times.

300px-New_England_combo_flagToday’s Fletcher’s Scouting Company (a living history reenactment group) is dedicated to educating the public and preserving Maine’s past. This is accomplished by demonstrating and interpreting the military history, mission, equipment, skills and experiences of the original English forces commanded by Lt. Thomas Fletcher’s of Captain Jabez Bradbury’s Company from Thomaston, Maine; more specifically Fort Saint George during the French & Indian War years of 1755-1763.


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